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The lecture of academician Zhou Xiangyu in 2022 "Master Teacher Lecture Hall" series started successfully
Date:2022-06-02   View:

At 15:00 on May 18, the 2022 "Master Lecture Series", jointly sponsored by the School of Mathematical Sciences and the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis of Jiangsu University, started on schedule in the cloud. The invited guest speaker is a famous research expert in the field of multivariable function theory and complex geometry, academician Zhou Xiangyu from the Institute of Mathematics and System Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than eighty teachers and students attended this lecture, including Associate Professor Zeng Xiaoyu from Wuhan University of Technology, Associate Professor Li Kui from Zhengzhou University, Associate Professor Cheng Rong from Nanjing University of Information Engineering, Professor Zhang Zhitao, Professor Ding Danping and Professor Wang Jun from Jiangsu University. The report was presided over by Dean Zhang Zhitao of Academy of Mathematical Sciences.

Academician Zhou Xiangyu gave a wonderful lecture on "The Contribution of Ancient Chinese Mathematics". He introduced the contributions and influence of ancient Chinese mathematics to national studies, ancient science and Chinese language. progression system ideas, matrix and elimination method ideas and limit ideas in ancient Chinese mathematics, interval set ideas in Mozi's semipartition method, variable ideas in the Song-Yuan quartet, and Archimedes' principle in Yugong Yishan, etc. Through these specific contributions, he clarifies the great contributions of ancient Chinese mathematics to modern mathematics.

In the report, Academician Zhou introduced the outstanding contributions of ancient Chinese mathematics to Chinese culture as well as modern mathematics systematically in vivid language, reflecting his profound mathematical skills and profound humanistic knowledge. His informative, well-organized and rigorously argued report aroused great interest and attention of the students and teachers present.

      After the presentation, Academician Zhou gave patient and detailed answers to the questions that everyone was concerned about. President Zhang Zhitao made a concluding speech on the lecture.

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